When Is The Best Time To Plant Knockout Roses


August through March. Full sun, well-drained soil and a cool period of the year are required to get the best results from your knockout roses. Fall is an especially good time to plant them since it’s cooler than spring or summer and you’ll have more growing time before winter arrives. In areas where fall rains come in June, don’t forget about planting knockout roses during that month! If you’re planting a perennial rose garden with knockout roses, remember that they do better if their roots don’t touch other plants because aggressive root systems can cause problems for nearby perennials over time.

How many times will my knockout roses bloom?

Most knockouts will produce flowers on new growth each year but some varieties may not flower at all after they’ve been planted in the ground for several years (six years is ideal). Knockout roses can live long lives so plan on having them around for decades—that’s how much pleasure they’ll bring you every season!

How do I prune my knockout roses?