When Is The Best Time To Plant Herbs


• How to prepare the soil for planting (how much compost, and what kind?)

• When and how long you can plant in a window box?

Before we get started with the details of the recipes, here are two things that will help you be successful. Other than reading this book at least twice yourself before starting your herb garden, please take advantage of our combined experience as masters of herb gardening! So even though we encourage you to grow all sorts of herbs from seed-and there is no better way–we also want to provide some sage advice: Grow only those herbs that have been grown by us or recommended by reputable sources such as Nancy’s Garden (www.nancysgarden.com), Herb Connection (herbconnection.com), and other good websites like The Herbalist’s Way (theherbalistsway.com) or Wildflower Farms & Nursery (wildflowersfarms.net). If you find an herb on these pages but it isn’t listed above as appropriate for your area, then write us at Linda@WildflowerFarmsAndNursery.net so we can let our readers know about it; if enough people want something new planted here then Wildflower Farm may try growing it again next year! And finally, if ever something doesn’t work out well when growing an herb from seed indoors–for instance if the seeds don’t germinate or