When Is The Best Time To Plant Ginger


The best time to plant ginger is early spring. Planting in late summer can cause root rot, and planting at the wrong time of year will result in a poor harvest. It’s important to remember that you need to leave between four and six inches of space around each plant to allow for good air circulation and soil drainage. For more information on how far apart your plants should be planted, we recommend reading our article: How Far Apart Should You Plant Your Ginger?

How do I grow ginger?

Ginger needs full sun or partial shade depending on where it’s being grown. If you live somewhere with freezing winters, plant it outdoors as soon as possible after frost danger has passed (usually by mid-April). This allows the ginger roots enough time for their rhizomes (underground stems) to develop properly before winter comes again – which means they’ll have plenty of energy stored up when temperatures start dropping! Once your ginger plant has established itself indoors, move them outside during the warmer months so they can get all the sunlight they need to produce maximum yields each year! Here are some basic tips when growing fresh ginger indoors: Set pots or trays inside windowsills so they receive indirect light throughout the day; this will help prevent scorching if there are any hot spots in your home Allow direct sun only from noon until about 2pm Direct sun is detrimental because it causes heat build-up underneath leaves which results in leaf burn As mentioned