When Is The Best Time To Plant Daffodils And Tulips


Daffodils and tulips have a natural cycle of blooming. The spring bulbs love the sun, so they are best planted in early to mid-April for peak flowering from May 1 until June 30 or later for continued bloom throughout summer. You can plant them closer together if you want early flowers but no later blooms. Planting daffodils and tulips too close together will cause root rot because the bulbs do not receive enough light through their foliage canopy to grow properly.

What should I look for when buying bulbs?

There is a huge difference between good bulbous plants and poor ones! Look at the root system carefully with your hand under water before paying money for any type of bulbous plant which you’ll be having difficulty picking up in future years due to its roots getting stuck on things like carpet or soil walls inside buildings etc., then just toss it into that rubbish bin without even looking back at what was spent on it! If you buy badly grown specimens, they may never flower again, although sometimes these dead ‘bulbs’ survive with minimal health problems if planted very deep with plenty of room around them (as shown in photo 4). Avoid cheap imports with dodgy labels such as ‘camellia sinensis’ (Chinese Camellia), ‘dahlia peruviana’ (Peruvian Dahlia) etc., use only reputable suppliers who supply healthy stock out of pots instead of