When Is The Best Time To Plant Crepe Myrtles

? The best time to plant crepe myrtles is when they’re dormant. This means that you’ll want to wait until the last frost in spring and after a kill frost has passed – typically about two weeks before your regular spring planting date. You can also wait for late winter here, although this will mean you have to be ready at least a month earlier than usual so as not to risk having too much cold damage from winter’s chill.

How many days should I give my new plants? How many days? In general, it takes three or four years for most varieties of crepe myrtle trees and shrubs before they begin blooming well, but some hardy varieties may bloom sooner! Many people recommend waiting at least six months after you plant a tree or shrub before trimming branches back below the drip line because these tend to stay green longer – if your branches are trimmed off within 6-9 months of planting, however, there is no guarantee that they won’t turn brown due to the stress which comes from removal from their roots.

When do I start pruning? When do I start pruning Crepe Myrtles ? Prune any time during the year if needed; just remember that cutting starts out slower with young plants and speeds up as age increases (although still not quickly enough for those who prefer an instant result). Be sure not only to carefully cut away dead limbs and stems but also check all your other landscape features around them: top