When Is The Best Time To Plant Crepe Myrtle Trees

in Georgia?

Many Georgia gardeners plant crepe myrtle trees in early spring, but it’s not necessary. Crepe myrtles can be planted at any time of the year when there is sufficient moisture and temperature to support them. If you want a certain type or variety of tree that requires cold temperatures, then they should be planted in late fall when frost danger has passed and temperatures have warmed sufficiently for bloom and fruit production.

How deep do you dig crepe myrtle roots?

Crepe myrtles need plenty of room to grow, so the best way to ensure healthy growth is to dig down several inches below ground level before planting each tree. When digging your new crepe myrtle trees, remember that these plants are bottom feeders—they will prefer rich soil with lots of fertilizer added during their growing season (April through September). Be sure not only to remove all weeds from around your tree’s root system but also add organic matter such as compost or aged manure during this process too!

Will I get a lot more flowers if I buy a larger piece of land with fewer crepe myrtles on it? Is it possible for me to propagate some by cuttings? Would this work? – Denny F., Athens GA My experience working with over 100 different varieties over 20 years has taught me that there really isn’t much difference between one variety vs another in terms of flower color or size-most often either big/