When Is The Best Time To Plant Clover

?” or “when is the best time to plant clover seeds?”

There are two ways to reply. One is that there is no right or wrong time for planting clover, but different times suit different soil conditions. This will be covered in the next chapter of this book. The other way to answer these questions would be by saying something like: “You can plant it anytime you want.” Of course this isn’t really correct information because some soils are more suitable than others, so many people do know when they should sow their seedlings and what kind of weather conditions are required for successful germination.

Chapter 9

The Soil Is Not Just Mud! – What Kinds of Soils Are There?

Soil quality differs from place to place depending on factors such as climate, rainfall and drainage patterns, control of erosion practices by humans, land use history (e.g., grazing animals), types of plants grown on the land over long periods of time, etc.. These factors directly influence soil type; therefore these three words often get used interchangeably with one another without much thought about what they mean or where they come from: topsoil (the layer at the surface), subsoil (the layer below ground) and substratum (the underlying material). However each has a specific meaning in relation to farming activities that might occur on your farm.

Topsoil refers specifically to fertile earth above any natural vegetation; it’s rich in organic matter