When Is The Best Time To Plant Carnations


You can start planting carnations at any time of the year, but you should plant them in spring or fall. Planting seeds in summer is not recommended because they will not grow properly and will be difficult to manage later on. You should also plant your flowers just before it gets cold, since temperatures below 50°F are too low for growing top quality flowers.[7]

How long do carnations last? Do they die?

As a rule of thumb, most cut flowers live for two weeks after being removed from the vase. Carnations flower longer than other varieties; however, some normally bloom for up to 6 weeks after being planted. This depends on several factors such as temperature (too hot leads to shorter blooms), watering (enough water keeps buds healthy) and sunlight exposure (under-watered stems wilt quickly). Be sure to check with your local supermarket staff about proper care instructions when purchasing carnation bouquets![8]