When Is The Best Time To Plant Cannabis Outdoors


Cannabis can be planted outdoors at any time of the year. The best time to plant cannabis is when the temperatures are within 50 degrees F and 85 degrees F, with relative humidity between 70% – 80%. When you need to know which temperature and humidity combinations for your region, check out: https://www.growweedeasy.com/climate-checker/ However, regardless of where you live or what type of climate your area experiences, there are a few things that make growing outdoor marijuana indoors more efficient. Things like light quality , ventilation , carbon dioxide levels in the air , as well as nutrient availability all play a role in how efficiently plants grow . These factors should not be ignored when planning an indoor garden! Here’s some general guidelines for growing marijuana outdoors:

When Is It Too Cold For Outdoor Cannabis Planting? According to Bud Cultivator Magazine’s research team (https://budcultivatormagazine.com/features/cbd-news/), “The optimum day length for optimal growth from seedlings through flowering is 12 hours every day from April 15th – July 1st″ In other words…March 15th until June 30th would be ideal if you plan on starting seeds outside during this period because it will allow them plenty of daylight hours before planting season starts around July 1st The same goes true if you start seeds inside between March 20th – April 2nd We recommend trying to keep average daytime temperatures