When Is The Best Time To Plant Camellias


It is important to choose a site with adequate soil drainage and good air circulation. The best time for planting camellias in northern climates is from March through May, when days are warm but nights cool. Planting should be done 3 weeks after the last frost date. Propagation by dividing vigorously growing plants will result in more vigorous growth if they have been grown from seed or cuttings. In southern areas, plantings can begin as early as January or February depending on your climate zone (Figures 1 & 2).

Figure 1: Camellia mollis planted at Arlington Heights Arboretum of Illinois, USA during winter months (© Robert Meece)

Figure 2: Camellia japonica planted at Arlington Heights Arboretum of Illinois, USA on early spring morning (© Robert Meece)

How do I care for camellias? Will my camellia die if I don’t water it every day? What about feeders? How often do I need to repot them? Can I grow multiple varieties together in one garden/potting mix? Do you recommend any special fertilizers or products that can help my plants bloom better this year/last season/next season etc.? (=should I buy fertilizer?) If so which ones? …and how much should we use per rose bush / shrub etc.? (=can you give us recommendations concerning this subject?). Please provide references where possible