When Is The Best Time To Plant Blue Spruce Trees

in the garden?

blue spruce trees can be planted in spring, summer or fall. Spring is best if you live in a very cold climate (south), since it will help keep out both winter and shade-loving pests like aphids that would otherwise decimate your blue spruce plants. Summer planting also works well for areas with long hot summers because this type of planting does not require as much water during dry periods as planting blue spruce trees in late autumn or early spring. Fall planting is usually best for climates with short growing seasons (southwest USA). If your area has mild winters, then spring, midsummer and fall are all viable options for blue spruce tree plantings.*

*Blue Spruces grow quickly once established — they may even sprout new sprouts after just one year! Blue Spruces tend to grow up rather than out which means that they need room to spread their roots upwards. Be sure to leave at least three feet between each individual tree so there’s enough space around them so they don’t rub against each other or anything else nearby – plus give them plenty of sunlight too!