When Is The Best Time To Pick Cooking Apples


The best time to pick apples is in the fall, but you can collect them at any time of year.

When should I store fresh apples?

Store your freshly picked apples in a cool room that has good air circulation and away from direct sunlight. If you have a basement or garage that isn’t being used for anything else, place apple boxes full of fruit on shelves near the ceiling so they get enough air circulation without falling down. If you don’t have an extra room available, just leave some space between them and cover them with plastic wrap so they won’t turn brown before eating. You can also store unwashed apples outside if it is warm enough where you live—just make sure they are covered by a layer of leaves or dirt to keep insects off!

How long will my pears ripen? Should I eat them right away? What about grapes? Or plums? And what about apricots and nectarines (peach)? How do I know when to pick them too?

Most fruits mature within weeks after picking; such as cherries, peaches (a few days), nectarines (about 2-3 weeks), green apricots (2-4 months depending on variety) and mangoes (1 month). But there are many exceptions: Apples may take up to four months; olives up to six months; strawberries two months; figs three years; persimm