When Is The Best Time To Overseed Your Lawn


In general, you should be seeding your lawn in the cool season or fall. The cool weather allows for a longer germination period and a greater chance of success during the spring. This will ensure that you have enough time to grow grass before your summer heat arrives. Additionally, if it is too hot during the summer months, seeds won’t be able to tolerate it as well as they would in cooler climates such as those found on the east coast where temperatures can reach upwards of 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius). Therefore, if you live anywhere with seasonal changes in temperature between day and night-time temperatures range from 40°F–100°F (4°C–37°C), then overseeding is not recommended this early on in the year because grass cannot handle these high temperatures and may even die off completely instead of just turning brown and wilting at first sign of sun exposure. If all other factors are considered favorable for growth other than extreme heat conditions, then planting times can vary greatly depending upon what region you reside in; however there are some universal guidelines regarding when to plant: Planting after freezing has passed – mid-autumn through late winter

Planting prior to frost – mid-spring through early summer After this point though, things become more difficult because each location does not follow these rules consistently which causes confusion for many people who want their lawns looking great but don’t know whether they should plant earlier or later than usual based on