When Is The Best Time To Overseed In The Spring


Overseeding is a good idea in the spring. It helps to reduce some of the seed that gets into your lawn from lawn mowers, and it can help control weeds more easily when you get them going. But remember: overseed anytime you want it! If there’s something special about this year’s seed, go ahead and plant it now—we all know how quickly things change around here!

What type of fertilizer should I use? What if I have pets or children? Shouldn’t they be on a diet too?

Most plants need quite a bit of fertilizer to thrive; many need twice as much as we provide in our soil mixes. So try using our “lawn-food” formula for most plants except trees and shrubs (see page 161). That way, you’ll give yourself enough nutrients for growth without overfeeding any one kind of plant or encouraging unruly foliage. We also recommend that non-organic fertilizers contain at least 10% organic material so that beneficial microorganisms can do their important work in your soil when they’re added back in after the application wears off (this applies to fertilizers sold by garden centers only.) The best approach is to feed early every day during the growing season so that each time period has an identical supply of food ingredients rather than different types at various times throughout summer. This will prevent any nutrient deficiencies due to inconsistent feeding patterns which would upset not only your plants but also insects like aphids