When Is The Best Time To Oil Pull


Oil pulling is best done right before bedtime. For best results, clean your teeth thoroughly with a natural toothpaste and then rinse them with warm water. Scrubbing too hard will wear down the enamel of teeth, so you’ll want to be gentle! After rinsing, place a small amount of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for about 10 minutes. You can also use a neti pot or a glass of warm filtered water if you have one available – just make sure that the temperature of the liquid coming out is not too hot but has just enough heat to help stimulate saliva flow. The last thing we want to do is burn our tongues! If possible (which I highly recommend), try wearing an old t-shirt while doing this technique as some oils are sensitive skin irritants; new cotton shirts work well because they don’t contain any dyes or chemicals like most other fabric types do!

What does oil pulling really do?

Oil pulling involves using natural exfoliants such as coconut oil (and its derivatives) and/or clay masks on plaque buildups on teeth instead of brushing or flossing. This process helps prevent gums from becoming inflamed by removing built up debris between teeth including bacteria which produce toxins such as hydrogen peroxide and formic acid within gum tissue which can cause pain and irritation upon chewing.[1] These substances inhibit enzymes needed for normal oral health functions such as digestion[