When Is The Best Time To Neuter A Cat


There are a number of factors to consider before deciding when is the best time to neuter a male cat.

The first consideration is that cats who have been spayed or neutered will not develop testicular cancer as frequently as those who have not been altered, but there is still an increased risk of developing this disease. In addition, females can become pregnant again much sooner after surgery than if they were intact. Keeping your pet out of heat and having it fixed at a young age decreases his chances for these problems.

Another factor regarding timing is the length of time between surgeries for cats who are going through puberty (the period in which males’ testicles grow). If you wait too long, your cat may miss out on very important developmental times because he won’t be able to get ready for mating by acting like a tomcat! It’s generally recommended that owners wait until their male cats are nine months old before performing surgery on him, but some veterinarians urge owners to neuter younger animals while others advise waiting until 12 months has passed post-spay/neuter due to concerns about irritation during maturation or injury from improper healing techniques used with adolescents undergoing development changes. Please keep in mind that every animal reacts differently so what works well for one may not be appropriate with another pet owner’s circumstances…you’ll need to do more research on your own specific situation!