When Is The Best Time To Mulch Your Garden


The right time to mulch a garden in the spring is in early March. This is when your soil will be dormant, and it’s important for plant roots to have a solid surface on which they can grow. If you wait too long into the season, then you may find that it becomes difficult for young trees or shrubs to take root because their roots won’t be able to reach through all of the newly added vegetation.

Mulching after the first hard frost helps protect newly planted seedlings from damage from cold temperatures during winter months. After planting, remove all weeds from around your plants so that they don’t compete with them for nutrients and moisture once they begin growing again in spring. To avoid creating a weed problem yourself, consider using an annual weed killer instead of herbicides any time before planting seeds or bulbs that are going to be established permanent members of your landscape during summer months such as chives or pansies. While it isn’t absolutely necessary to add mulch every year, if done infrequently enough this practice doesn’t create much additional work since no additional leaf debris needs raking up between seasons unless there has been significant rainfall over the past few weeks prior to its application (or longer).