When Is The Best Time To Mow The Lawn


The best time to mow the lawn is when it’s dry. If you can get your lawn mowed in early spring before the grass gets too long, that would be ideal. The problem with this approach is that a lot of people think they have to wait until summertime to use their lawnmower because then “grass doesn’t grow anymore.” This isn’t true! You can still cut your grass and enjoy your garden all through the winter months if you want to, but it will take longer for new growth to appear after being dormant all winter. In fact, there are some benefits from having a dormant growing season in late fall or early spring: it gives weeds less time to develop and become more difficult for us humans before we cut them down; therefore making our yard look nicer when we do finally get around to cutting the grass again in June/July! So don’t let fear of losing something keep you from doing what must be done every year!

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