When Is The Best Time To Move Raspberries


Spring is the best time to start new raspberry plantings. The first fruit will be small, but if you are patient, they’ll get larger as other berries grow on adjacent canes. If you are transplanting young plants into permanent locations, wait until after your soil has warmed up in spring or early summer. You don’t want to move them too soon after planting because the roots need time to establish themselves and become established enough that they won’t succumb during a cold winter. It’s also important not to move root-bound plants since it could cause tip dieback or crown rot problems later on down the road when temperatures drop again.

How long does it take for raspberries to produce fruit?

It takes about four years before ripe fruit develops from seed planted two summers prior (three years with three crops per year). After that point, all of your work should result in abundant harvests every summer instead of just one!

When do I harvest my raspberries?