When Is The Best Time To Move Azaleas


When are azaleas most likely to bloom? When is the best time of year to move azaleas?

Move your plants in late summer. At that point, they will be dormant and ready for their new homes. If you want them blooming before winter, move them in early spring or late fall (depending on your climate zone) when there’s still some warmth left in the ground after planting. The ideal growing conditions for flowering azaleas include full sun with well-drained soil; it can also do quite well if planted against a south or west wall but not directly under an overhang because this shade will reduce both light levels and air movement which can cause leaves to droop, flower buds to shatter prematurely, and flowers completely fail—all things that happen more often than not if you place your plant too close to overhead structures like eaves or along windowsills. You’ll need at least six hours of direct morning sunlight each day during hot weather for optimal bloom times.

Before moving any type of plant outside make sure it’s deadheading its spent blooms so new flowers won’t emerge from these old stalks—it only takes one leafless branch causing all sorts of havoc among other things by dropping into foliage below! That said though lilies are fairly easy keepers once established they’re practically maintenance free unless pruned back severely every couple years (and don’t let me forget about snake weed!). Other perennials aren’t nearly as forgiving however