When Is The Best Time To Make Kraut


How long can kraut be stored in the fridge?

Kombucha scoby or mother. Photo by Courtney Carver. You just made your first batch of Kombucha! Congratulations on becoming a brewer, and thanks for buying this book! Now that you have everything set up, let’s learn about what happens in the fermenting process so that you know when to add sugar to boost carbonation levels or when to take it down again with an anti-foam agent. We will also discuss how to make sure your kombucha is healthy enough after it has fermented without using additional sugars (fructose) from fruit juice or honey—these are not needed for healthy fermentation. When you are ready, here are some simple steps on how to get started making your own quality homebrewed Kombucha at home:

1 Get two clean jars, flat-sided wide mouth jars . The larger the jar holds more brew. A quart size jar works well if you want less than 1 gallon of brew each time; otherwise use a pint glass jar (quart). This specific recipe makes 2 quarts so I always use two quart mason jars which hold nearly 4 cups each.[39] Glass containers work best because they won’t break like plastic ones do over time and allow oxygen into the beverage during storage periods.[40] Store them upside down with small airtight lids placed on top while brewing is taking place. There should also be no