When Is The Best Time To Learn A Language


This is the million dollar question. It was actually one of the first questions I asked myself when I took up learning Spanish. So what did I do? Well, in my opinion (which you can take or leave) here’s how you should go about doing it…

Rule #1: Study for at least 6 months before moving to another country and finding yourself surrounded by foreigners every day! The more time that passes between when you start learning a language and then when your heart leaves home (pauses), the better off you’ll be in terms of fluency. Why? Because there are two main reasons why people don’t learn languages well after their heart has left them… Firstly, because they haven’t learned enough words so they have nothing to say which makes conversation very difficult. Secondly, because they don’t have any memories from being apart so ‘next week please!!?!?!?!?’ doesn’t help either! If these two things happen to you, expect it to take far longer than if it happened before your travels began – but even worse would be not having any memory of being away at all. This will make conversations with other speakers very hard indeed as everyone else will be talking slowly while trying desperately hard NOT TO MAKE YOU LAUGH AND SCREAMING WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY SAYING??! ETC… But seriously though this is something which happens often enough that if someone tries really really hard while abroad