When Is The Best Time To Journal


As part of your healing process, you’ll probably want to journal daily. But if it doesn’t feel right for you, try keeping a log once a week or twice a month. Remember that the purpose of journaling is not so much to write down what happened that day as it is to get in touch with your feelings about the events in your life and think over how they have affected you emotionally and physically. As long as you’re able to express yourself through writing, it’s fine whether or not every entry gets written immediately after an event occurs.

What kind of paper should I use? What pens should I use? Are journals meant primarily for personal use only? And don’t forget: Do any rules apply when sharing such material with other people (such as parents)? If so, which ones? You decide what kind of paper to use or how many pages make sense for one particular session; this varies from person to person and depends on issues like whether we’re using pencils rather than pens because we can destroy them more easily (we all know someone who uses pencils), whether we prefer lined paper or blank sheets (some people like having something to focus on while they write). For our purposes here, though, let’s assume all participants are using regular office-supply ruled white 8½ by 11″ bond notebook sheets [see Resources]. We also recommend 1/2″ high-quality graphite lead #2 mechanical pencils [Dremel] –