When Is The Best Time To Inject Insulin


Type 1 diabetes mellitus is treated by using insulin injections. The frequency of the injection may vary, depending on your blood glucose control (your body’s ability to use the insulin). Blood sugar levels need to be carefully monitored each day. Your doctor will decide when you should take your next dose of insulin and how much it should be injected. Usually, an injection every other day works best for most people with type 1 diabetes mellitus. However, some people have more frequent needs or high blood sugars at certain times of the day so they may need more often than once a week or even daily injections if needed.

How do I check my blood sugar?

Your health care provider can give you instructions on how often you should test your blood sugar level after meals and before bedtime, but many patients find that testing their own finger sticks are helpful in learning what patterns are normal for them during different phases of their disease process. If you are not working with a health professional who can teach you these tests then ask someone else to learn with you until he/she gets used to checking his/her own finger sticks consistently enough for accurate results! Also note that “stick” measurements tend to differ from those obtained through laboratory testing equipment because they measure only one post-meal sample taken over about 15 minutes instead of several samples taken over 4 hours as is usual in lab tests.*

* It also helps if both types of readings are performed under similar circumstances rather than differing ones–