When Is The Best Time To Hunt Rabbit


The best time to hunt rabbits is during the summer and fall months. These two times of the year offer a variety of weather conditions for rabbit hunting, which makes it easier to locate, stalk and shoot your target. The spring and winter months tend to be rather cold and wet which can make tracking difficult as well as opportunities for viewing over long distances are few and far between.

Are foxes different from rabbits?

Foxes are smaller than rabbits; their average length ranges from 40-50 centimeters (16-20 inches). Fox fur is usually silver or greyish in color while rabbit fur tends towards browns or greys with white on its belly area. Fox whiskers resemble those present on a cat’s face but fox feet have five toes instead of six like cats do; they also don’t have pads at the bottom unlike most mammals such as dogs, bears etc…

What should one consider when choosing where to hunt? Is there any particular region that you recommend I target? What about food sources? Are they important factors when choosing my location?