When Is The Best Time To Harvest Hops


Hops are harvested in two different ways. Hops are either hand-harvested or machine-harvested. Hops are usually not available year-round, so often the hops will be harvested for a limited time period. The most popular time of year to harvest hops is between late September and early December, when hop flavors peak. However, you can also harvest at other times during the year depending on your needs—just contact us to let us know what flavor profile you desire!

What’s the difference between wet and dry processing? What does that mean for me as an end user?

Wet processing refers to using water instead of heat (usually steam) to process ingredients such as herbs and spices during extraction; while dry processing involves heating ingredients but keeping them intact through some kind of barrier (such as wax paper). Dry processes may leave behind certain oils and nutrients that some people prefer over others; however, both methods work just fine with our products! But please see our blog post on why we choose one method over another here: http://hopsandhoneycoffee.com/blog/whywechooseoneprocessoveranother