When Is The Best Time To Harvest Gooseberries

?” and “Why do we need to know the best time for gooseberry harvesting?” – these were some of the questions I was asked by my students.

For those who follow my blog, you will be aware that I try not to use pesticides on my farm as much as possible. When there is a pest problem in our orchard, such as scab or caterpillars, we leave it until it has come under control naturally. We plant new trees so that they won’t be affected by pests and diseases and this practice also leaves us free from any kind of chemicals which could affect them later on! However, there are occasions where I have had to take strong action against a pest insect infestation on our property (such as Japanese Beetles). In those circumstances though, I would always consult with an expert before taking any drastic actions otherwise it can end up being more harmful than beneficial! This is why knowing what your family’s favourite fruit is well ahead of time can help guide you when deciding how best to protect your precious berries!. Here are some good seasonal times for harvest: blueberries/grapes/raspberries / strawberries/peaches – mid-July through August; strawberries – September through October; black raspberries – January through February; raspberries – March through April; apples – May & June…etc., etc.. Just remember too that if you don’t like planting something at all then its probably better left untouched rather than