When Is The Best Time To Grow Watermelon


Watermelon will grow best in warm climates, but it can be grown outdoors. Watermelon plants are perennial and can go for several years before producing fruit. The time between planting the seeds and harvesting the first fruit varies with climate conditions. For example, watermelons require warmer growing temperatures to produce a larger yield of fruits than those grown at cooler temperatures. In addition, there are four different types of watermelons that ripen at different times depending on weather conditions. Early season varieties include salad or dessert type melons that ripen in 75-115 days after transplanting; standard (also called midseason) watermelons take about 100-120 days to mature; late season types take 150-180 days after transplanting; and super sweet varieties like honeydew need 180-240 days after seed germination to reach maturity.[17]

How big do I plant my watermelon? How many seeds should I put in each hole? Should I replant if not all sprout?