When Is The Best Time To Graft Fruit Trees

onto a fruit tree spur?

The best time to graft fruit trees onto a fruit tree spur is late winter or early spring before the base of new buds on the stem have hardened. This way, the system will be easier to establish as well as prevent any chance of injury from grafting wounds.

How do I grow my own grapes at home? Can they yield good quality wine?

Grapes can only be grown if they are grafted onto rootstock and treated with fungicides such as copper sulphate and/or mancozeb (cymoxanil). Grafting is essential because it ensures that you will get at least two years’ worth of flowering and fruiting out of each vine. If you want high-quality wine, then it must be made from varieties that would produce this type in commercial quantities – for example, Catawba or Muscat de Beaumes de Venise (‘Muscat Blanc’). Grapes like Sauvignon Blanc may not make very good wine but they can still provide some enjoyment!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to grow strawberries in pots rather than growing them up an espalier fence? Aren’t strawberry plants much harder to propagate than raspberry plants which don’t need all those wires and stakes holding them down? It’s better value too – wouldn’t someone buy six five-litre containers rather than one big pot full of berries every year?! – Karen Smithsmithy; Cher