When Is The Best Time To Graft Citrus Trees


Graft citrus trees generally only during the dormant season. With rare exceptions, grafted citrus can’t be grafted at other times of the year because it won’t grow well and will lose its vigor. You should graft new growth on your tree or young leaves to avoid defects in the fruit. For example, if you want a tangerine with an orange-like skin color but don’t like the flesh of an ordinary tangerine, then graft two different kinds of tangerines together (e.g., mandarin and clementine). Starfruit is usually not grafted; however, if you prefer that type of fruit, try growing them from seeds (see chapter 28).

How do I propagate my own citrus?

There are several ways to propagate citrus trees: by root cuttings (which are taken from mature roots), leaf cuttings (which are taken from recently formed leaves), air layering (which is done by taking thin slices off a stem) and tissue culture propagation which involves using special plant hormones over many months to help develop immature buds so they can later sprout into new plants. So far as we know, all methods work equally well for most varieties although some may have slightly better results than others depending on their genetic background and environmental conditions such as day length or temperature fluctuation during development stages before budding begins after pollination has been completed or just prior to flowering time when pollen is being