When Is The Best Time To Go Vote


Those are questions every news outlet would love to have the answer to. But in this instance, I think it might be best if we take a look at what has been going on since the last election and how that relates to a potential next one. Either way, there is no doubt that some significant political events will happen over the next few months. Here’s some of what you can expect:

President Obama officially leaves office February 20th . His successor will be inaugurated 45 days later on January 20th 2017 . In between those two dates, they will select a new Vice President from their own party who manages to overcome any challenges from within their own party or from outside groups concerned about losing control of Congress in 2018 . If another Republican wins the White House in November 2016 , then Democrats may face an uphill battle for retaining control of either chamber by 2018 when a new president takes office once again. That could potentially throw us into even more gridlock than we already have had during this administration with all Republicans holding absolutely no power whatsoever except for being able to file lawsuits against each other (which they don’t really do much). Due to federal court confirmation rules which require Senate approval (and sometimes multiple votes), not only does such partisan control add delays and costs but also makes it impossible for an outgoing President’s nominees (e.g., Justice Scalia) or Supreme Court picks (e.g., Thomas) unless he/she waives cloture and holds up