When Is The Best Time To Go To The Emergency Room

If you have a high fever and your symptoms don’t seem to be going away, you should call your health care provider. This can be either an urgent care center or the emergency department of another hospital. If they think it is serious enough, they will ask for more information on when you first noticed the signs or symptoms and what made them worse. The physician may want to do tests such as blood work and X-rays (labs). They may also need to take a look at some other body parts like: joints, eyes, stomach (gastroenterology), chest (neurology) or throat (ENT).

Sometimes people go into the ER without realizing that their problem isn’t so bad after all. They could get better with just over-the-counter medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen . People often don’t realize how minor everyday injuries can become huge problems if not treated right away by someone who knows what they are doing–like a doctor! Symptoms like pain in different areas of the body could signal something much more serious than muscle cramps , which sometimes happens after exercising too long during hot weather months. Also remember, anyone with any type of injury needs treatment from a trained professional immediately because there is always risk involved when trying to self-diagnose conditions that require immediate medical attention.