When Is The Best Time To Go To Morocco


The best time to visit Morocco is winter. It’s not too hot and the weather is nice and sunny, which makes it a great destination for all types of travelers (from backpackers who like hiking through mountains to families that go on vacation with their kids). There are also specific festivals in most cities during this time: you can enjoy music concerts by artists from around the world, attend art exhibits or discover many different cultural activities in Casablanca.

What kind of visa do I need?

You only need a tourist visa if you want to stay in Morocco for less than 90 days, but we recommend visiting before booking your flights so you know what type of visas they will accept. If necessary, we can help you obtain one at the local Moroccan embassy when you arrive into Spain or Portugal at the airport.

Do I have to pay anything extra when I get there? Do food costs add up quickly?

Unless otherwise stated on our packages page, there are no additional fees related to food and drinks when traveling with us! We take care of all things related to travel and accommodation so that there aren’t any surprises after arriving in Morocco: meals included! You won’t find yourself eating out every day either because everything comes included in our package prices – including half-board accommodation options if applicable – saving you even more money each month while abroad!