When Is The Best Time To Go To France


When you are out of the country, try to time it so that you do not have to fly back home during the summer/summer holiday period. The best time for me was between January and April when I traveled through France in 2006. We were there in March, but it got very hot while we were traveling around Paris. If you travel during spring or fall then obviously don’t worry about this issue.

Do I need a visa? Can I fly into France with just a passport? Is it hard to get an American Visa? Do I need health insurance or any other kind of insurance before coming here? How much does all this cost per night (including food)? What should my budget be overall for 6 months stay in Europe including travel expenses, meals, etc.? Should I buy hostel bed sheets – how many nights will they last me and what is their quality like? Will my phone work in Europe without calling cards or something else special if i use gsm network only ? Can i bring my own DSLR camera with me on vacation here ? When can i go home after vacation spending 6 months abroad in france? Is it okey if im already showered up by Euro 2004 (when is the best time to go to france?) Do you think its better ot take roundtrip tickets from Germany instead of flying directly to Amsterdam/Paris airports ? At which airport would u prefer getting your ticket(s) ,amsterdam’s Schiphol or