When Is The Best Time To Go To Croatia

Croatia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and rightly so. The country boasts an array of amazing sights to see, including the incredible Plitvice lakes national park not far from Zagreb, or just pop into one of their many coastal towns for some beach time. But there are plenty more out there to explore! These top 5 hidden locations let you discover Croatia like never before…


The lower town (Mostar) is slowly sinking into itself as it struggles with its past sins against its town walls which used to keep off enemies but now pose a threat to those too close for comfort. Dubrovnik’s old city still stands proudly on its hill overlooking the sea though; however you’ll need a guide if you want anything beyond an hour exploring it. For most people that will be enough! What better way than by getting lost amongst all those dark arches? You can sit down here with your feet dangling over the edge and imagine what life must have been like above ground during WW2 when these were being built – why would anyone want to live up high when they could live below? This mysterious part of Dubrovnik is located around St John parish church at Nona strada 1. Don’t forget your camera!

How To Get There: From Trsat train station take bus 461/462 terminal