When Is The Best Time To Go Strawberry Picking


Strawberry picking is one of our favorite activities. We live in the Pacific Northwest, which means that we’re surrounded by berries year-round. Strawberries are not native to this part of the country (they grow in northern Europe), but they have managed to thrive here, often without help from farmers or gardeners! Even though strawberries are considered a warm-weather crop, you can also pick them all year long. You just need to know when they’ll be ripe and ready for the picking. Keep reading so I can tell you about some of my best strawberry picking tips!

How do I know when strawberries will ripen? When it comes to fruit trees like strawberries, what you want most is “overripeness” – meaning that your berry has begun turning brownish-red on its bottom side and has lost most of its green coloration. This is typically how they look at their peak maturity date:

The following chart shows how much time each type of strawberry takes after being picked before it becomes overripe:

White Strawberry—usually harvested between mid-June through July

Red Strawberry—usually harvested between July through August

Black Raspberry—picked during late June or early July; usually survives until October or November depending on location

Picking Tips & Tricks for Storing Berries

Once your berries start getting ready for harvest…you can enjoy