When Is The Best Time To Go Saltwater Fishing


SALTWATER FISHING is one of the most popular types of fishing. It combines the excitement and challenge of catch-and-release game fishing with the satisfaction that comes from landing a trophy fish. Most saltwater species (such as striped bass, snapper, tuna, barracuda and others) are found in the ocean waters near land; you can find them year round if you know where to look. The best time to go saltwater fishing depends on what kind of salt water action you’re looking for: offshore (the open ocean), inshore (close to shore), or midshore (closer to bays). If none of these categories apply, then it doesn’t matter when you go! You can tell your travelers by their preferred sportfishing tackle & techniques. Depending on access restrictions at any specific location within Florida State Parks they may be able to take out some equipment before entering certain parks however no gear will be allowed off beaches without prior park approval so please contact the park directly first before planning your trip