When Is The Best Time To Go Running


The answer to this question has been complicated by the fact that the ‘best time to go running’ is actually quite variable. It depends on factors such as season, weather and personal goals. The most important of these are likely to be your fitness level, how fast you want to run and what type of terrain you want to cover. But more than anything else, the best time for any particular runner will be determined by their own unique physiological needs and requirements.

To get a sense of when it might suit you best we have summarized some of our favorite studies into two simple categories: endurance training (long-distance) and health/fitness programs (short distance).

Endurance training: hill runs

Most sports use hills as part of their physical preparation; in athletics they help runners become stronger and more efficient on inclines while others like cycling or swimming can also benefit from hill running. For those who wish to improve their performance on flat ground there are many enjoyable methods at hand such as cross-country skiing, mountain biking or trail running which all involve pushing yourself uphill over undulating terrain while riding along with changing gradients at speed without using brakes or gears. All these activities require good leg strength, stamina and cardiovascular fitness but if pushed too hard could lead to injury so it’s important not only that you build up slowly but experiment with various degrees from easy joggers upwards if necessary until finding an appropriate steady pace so that your body feels comfortable