When Is The Best Time To Go On Vacation


“I want to go this summer,” I said. “Do you know when the next trip is supposed to be?”

“Sure, it’s coming up in August.” He leaned back and rested his elbows on his knees. “Where are you going?” he asked me.

I told him about my plan to go out west with Mom and Dad. The kids looked at each other, then Tyson cleared his throat nervously, but he didn’t say anything else until we’d finished our coffee break. Then he called over a kid named John who was sitting across from us in the cafeteria line. John seemed like an average-looking guy—he had curly brown hair that fell into kind of greasy bangs and very dark eyes that were set too close together in a face with high cheekbones and wide shoulders—but there was something unusual about him: His skin was so pale that if we were in candlelight instead of fluorescent light it probably would have been translucent or even transparent; yet whenever we talked about making snow angels during recess, which happened every day after gym class when it snowed outside for two weeks straight last winter before school let out for vacation (we got one day off each week), John always laughed sarcastically because no matter how much snow fell or how hard we tried to make things look real by throwing handfuls of soft powder around us while pretending they were falling down all around us like white cotton candy blizzards rising up like miniature mountains