When Is The Best Time To Go Live On Instagram


I’m not sure when the best time to go live is. I think it depends on your niche, how many followers you have, and what type of pictures you post. What are some tips for successful Instagram Live videos? Here are a few things that helped me with my first video: Set up before-hand. Include yourself in the process if possible. Keep the camera steady — don’t be scared to move around or do 360 photos/videos! If there is anything specific you want to say during your live, write it down beforehand so you can read off of paper while holding a pen in front of your mouth (for example: “Hi everyone and thank YOU for watching my Instagram Live today!! This will be quick because we just got moved into our new apartment…”) And finally, no other excuses! Your viewers want good content and they understand that moving furniture takes longer than expected … but still get out there and let them know about all the exciting stuff happening in life! 🙂 What makes a great IG caption? I would recommend doing one thing at once — like making lunch or having fun with friends — instead of posting lots of different types of posts throughout the day (i.e., Likes & Comments vs Likes & Mentions). Also try checking out these IG stats and find ways to grow your account quickly by using hashtags #IGStats #IGFeedback ! Have any feedback or questions? Don’t hesitate to ask me via email