When Is The Best Time To Go Iceland


This is a very difficult question to answer – there are so many factors involved and it varies from year to year. But we’d recommend going in March or April as you will see the best of the Northern Lights and also less tourists (for those reasons).

If you go, do not forget: To dress properly for Iceland! It can be quite cold up high, but if you stay on top of things, like stocking up on warm clothes & layers before hand; always pack sweater-trousers that can be rolled down over your boots (this gets tricky at times); bring lots of warm socks, gloves and hats; don’t wear cotton as this doesn’t breathe well here. Also remember that by law everything must have a reflective strip on it which you should take out before leaving the country! And lastly- never leave anything unattended in your car and make sure to lock all doors when inside.