When Is The Best Time To Go Crabbing In Oregon

Crabs are caught in the summer months (April to October) and autumn (September to November). They can be picked up at crabbing stations, which are set out along the coast by local fishermen. Crabbing is done with a dip net or hand to get them off of rocks or driftwood. Crabs can also be found swimming around the docks, after dark during high tide.

Oregon’s native species include blue crabs, stone crabs and Dungeness crickets. The majority of Oregon’s crabbers harvest these four species; however, other abundant crustaceans – such as horse shrimp – may also be commercially harvested in some areas.[32] These smaller varieties tend not to appear on menus but they do find their way into specialties like crab boil dishes.[33] Many other non-native species have been introduced into Oregon including red swamp crayfish,[34][35] snow crabs,[36][37] reef crabs,[38][39][40] river prawns[41], rock lobsters[42], channel catfish,[43] yellow perch,[44] western mosquitofish[45], striped bass,[46], wiper flounder [47], speckled trout,[48]. Other non-native animals that range from invasive fish goby[49]-they eat fish eggs-to red imported fire ant[50]-a pest known for its painful bite-have been taken from Oregon waters and spread across North America with no apparent