When Is The Best Time To Go Coyote Hunting


When is the best time to go Coyote hunting in the Finger Lakes area of New York? We have a good mixture of water, open country and forested areas. The average temperature for late March through May is 40 degrees F with an average daytime high of 68-70 degrees F. The average nighttime low averages around 45-46 degrees F. In June it can be very hot but still huntable; July will also give you some nice days and nights with temps ranging from 70’s – 80’s on our west side while our east side can get up to 90s during peak months (July & August). It gets HOT! Our wildlife won’t mind though as we have plenty to eat! As far as rain goes we will see rain 2 out of every 10 days between mid October and early April then again in June after deer season begins. This has been noted by hunters all over North America: “Rained like crazy one year, not even a mouse was hit!”

How many hours do I need before starting my coyote hunt?

You don’t want to wait until you are about ready to leave so here’s what I recommend: Start getting comfortable at least 4 hours before your start time… this allows more than enough time for walking/hunting/scouting… If you’ve got vehicles available bring them along too! Most people use their vehicles when they head out into the countryside which isn’t always convenient or safe especially if your going somewhere remote