When Is The Best Time To Go Bass Fishing


“What’s the best time of year to go bass fishing?” Is a very common question. The answer is there are as many answers as there are fishermen! It all depends on where you live, what kind of weather you can expect and your own personal schedule. If I had to give one single tip it would be this: Bass fishing should always be fun and enjoyable! Unfortunately, the only way we know how to do that at times is by taking ourselves too seriously and sometimes even questioning if we’ve ever caught anything yet!!

I started out with my dad who was a professional guide for his entire life before he passed away in 2001. My brother Ron also guides for us but has been doing so since 1988 when he first got into fly-fishing. We try our best to help everyone who comes through our doors learn or improve their basic skills. Our motto here is “If you don’t catch something today then try again tomorrow”. For those who want more than just catching fish, we offer guided trips which make sure they get an opportunity to see some things other tourists might not (how about seeing bears?) and maybe even learn a few new tips along the way…