When Is The Best Time To Give My Baby Nexium


The most effective time is when your baby is still in the uterus. At this stage, nexium will be absorbed by your baby’s gut and can reach its site of action in the intestine very quickly. It also gets into breast milk more easily than after birth, so it’s best to give your infant an oral dose at least once a day for months or even years following birth. You can read more about breastfeeding on our website: www.nexiumforbabymothers.com/breastfeeding

We strongly recommend that you wait until one hour after birth before giving any medicine to a newborn while they are still in the delivery room or waiting area (you can ask staff there). Taking medicines too soon may cause side effects such as drowsiness, decreased blood pressure and breathing difficulties which could lead to delayed recovery from surgery or infection from an intravenous line being inserted too quickly.