When Is The Best Time To Get Sun


The best time to get sun exposure is in the morning when the sun is at its highest point. A person can also wait until later in the day, but it will be harder for skin to tan because of less sunlight being absorbed by the skin.

Why does my skin burn when I use a lotion or cream with SPF?

SPF acts as a barrier so that UV rays cannot penetrate and damage your body’s cells (or DNA). When you put on sunscreen, make sure you don’t rub it into your face like lotion; doing this can drag out more UV light than necessary. The same goes for applying any other type of sunscreen: Don’t rub it all over your body; limit application only to areas where you’re going to spend most of your time (like between your ears) and avoid applying directly after swimming, toweling off, or showering. For extended protection against UVA rays try using an antiglare screen on top of sunglasses while outside even if they aren’t polarized — we’ve found that many people find this beneficial based on our feedback from surveys!

What’s wrong with me if I still get sunburned despite wearing sunscreen?