When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant Before Or After Period


The best time to get pregnant before or after period depends on the woman’s age and how long she has been trying to conceive. The most important factor is when you stop taking birth control, because it takes about 3 months for the body to return to its normal fertility levels. If you want children sooner than that, your chances of getting pregnant will be better if you start ovulating again before stopping birth control pills. It can also help if conception doesn’t occur within 30 days of stopping birth control pills because it could mean that there was a problem with the pill or that there were other issues in your life affecting your ability to become pregnant at that time – like stress or whether you had sex regularly during ovulation (see How often do I need to have sex?). On the other hand, women who are older may benefit from starting later; they make up much less fertile tissue when younger so their eggs take longer to mature and release (ovulate). So someone 15 years old would be better off starting after 2 years of not using hormonal contraception .

If pregnancy occurs earlier than expected…