When Is The Best Time To Fly A Kite

?” The question is one that many kite flyers have been asking for years, and I think it’s time to answer it. In this post, we will look at the best times of day to fly a kite in Chicago.


The most important factor in flying a kite is weather! Why do you need good weather conditions when flying a kite? Let me explain: You can launch your kite from almost anywhere in the world—throughout all seasons and over every condition imaginable without fear of damage or injury; however, you should always be wary of other animals (especially birds) which could be injured or killed by getting too close to your line or other object tethered to it like balloons, flags etc. If wind speeds are known beforehand then take advantage of them during these times as they tend to produce higher winds than on still days; however there are very few days where high winds make better conditions than others so use common sense while planning your journey and taking into consideration other factors such as cost…kiting shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! Flying under clear blue skies with not even a cloud would certainly make for some spectacular photos though! We know that there aren’t always perfect air-conditions but if you want amazing shots then get out there early morning before the sun comes up because it really does help gather more light reflection from surfaces such as water & grass making them stand out much more against the