When Is The Best Time To Fertilize Your Grass


During the growing season (April to September), it’s easy to see when your grass needs additional nutrients. Just look at how green it is! But not all lawns are this lush, and you cannot determine by looking that you need more fertilizer or that your grass isn’t getting enough water. When should you fertilize? It depends on several factors including how much sun there is, what kind of soil your yard contains, where it’s planted in relation to other plants and whether the area has been previously treated with nitrogen-based herbicide chemicals. Here are some general guidelines:

• Lawns in sunny areas typically require an application of 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet annually. This amount will give a healthy pH level for most turfgrass species; however , if the rate needs adjusting because of low nutrient levels due to weather conditions or another reason, then do so . If using ferti lizer products containing ammonium sulfate or urea , apply 8 pounds per 1, 000 square feet—not too many applications over the growing season as they can be harmful to certain types of plant life if used repeatedly.*