When Is The Best Time To Exercise Morning Or Evening


In this study, the benefits of morning exercise were seen as early as 180 minutes after the workout and continued at least two hours later. Conversely, evening exercise was beneficial only three to four hours after a workout and had little effect on 24-hour fitness levels.

How long should you exercise for?

The optimal duration of an aerobic workout is 30 or 60 minutes—that is, about one hour per day. Do not overdo it: Build up slowly by adding five minutes of activity each week until your body adapts to longer periods of vigorous activity (see “Should I go jogging every night?”). Above all else, stick with it! Once you find that sweet spot of 30 or 60 minutes per day (or whatever your ideal length is), make sure you maintain that level. If possible, increase your time spent exercising during those first few weeks; if not feasible on a personal basis or within reason acceptable to family members and friends, consider joining a class; use our master plans in chapter 7 for specific suggestions for how to fit more into your day (and see “What type(s) of activity should I do?” below). Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t seeing immediate results from beginning an exercise program; patience will pay off in the end when will result in improved health and better overall functioning.

Is there any point at which I can no longer benefit from physical activity? What are some